Saturday, October 10, 2009

American Holly (IlexOpaca)– Make Your Yard Attractive

A tree that we love, but get to see only when Christmas arrives, is the American Holly Opaca ilex. Purchase American Holly Opaca before Christmas, as it is a slow growing plant. This tree is a perennial shrub, which will definitely make your yard look beautiful. It is best to get in the ball and burlap form for better growth. You may also grow it by sowing the seeds in container, but the germination would take at least two to three years and next two years for the visualized growth. It is easily available in every nursery; the only thing is that we hardly think of growing it ourselves, as Christmas nears, we get them in fully developed form.

The most attractive part of this tree is its berries, which makes attractive the place where it is grows. The berries grow only on the female plant; there is only one male plant for every ten female plants to bear flowers. The plants have to be compatible with each other for reproduction. The yellow flowers add to the beauty of the tree, but the sad part is that the flowers do not get must attention due to the dense growth and beauty of the berries. The berries are only for the birds to eat and no matter how tempting or juicy they seem, if the humans consume them, they may suffer from stomach problems.

Maintenance of American Holly Opaca is easy. The only maintenance it requires is regular watering as it cannot withstand dry atmosphere, and needs moisture soil for its healthy growth. If it is a success without any faults, you will save yourself from excessive labor when the tree is mature. If your species is the American Holly Opaca that grows to 6-8 foot of height, there are nurseries that can help you as a guide.

Many a times we feel that the tree is not growing as the growth is too slow. It takes minimum two to three years for the tree to show its growth. For a period of two years, the branches remain un-damaged. After this period, the tree would start shedding its leaves in the fall season and the harsh winters, when it is mature. During this time, the color of the leaves would also change. This is beneficial, as it would help keep the area warm by letting the heat of the sun reach the ground and spread.

These evergreen trees attract bees and other insects through the sweet fragrance of their flowers, which take nectar from them. In return, these insects help in pollination process, which leads to growth of more plants of this genus. It is very easy to make out the difference between the male and the female plant. Just look deeply into the flowers, the male flowers have yellow pollen inside them and the female flowers have a swelling in the pistil that is green in color. These swelling grow up to be the berries and these berries remain on the tree for years until the birds eat them.

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